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ARCH PROJECT is presenting the project exhibition “Eclipse” from August 6th to October 9th. ARCH PROJECT cooperated with artist Lin Shu this time. This exhibition uses the unobservable cosmic phenomenon as a metaphor, and displays the artist’s photographic works, paintings and early representative works in the past two years. It is presented through spatial structure, sight processing, image reading, etc., allowing viewers to experience “the creation of a foreign teacher, and the source of the heart” from a new perspective.

We are always recognizing what is meaningful to us in a dense and noisy environment, it accumulates and expands until a certain moment emerges as an inevitable way while we encountering the world. In Kafka’s words, “People take pictures of things in order to drive them out of consciousness.” In the inevitable time, people try to retain some more still postures to combat forgetting. When a palm of our hands touches a photo, the enantiomer begins to form in one’s mind, and our sights depend on it. The photo leaves the scars of images.


In the series  “Leaving at Sunset”, rather than conveying the meaning through photography of objects and symbols, it is more about perceivable emotions and consciousness – they cannot be directly translated into codes or symbols, or information for people to read and analyze. It is a whole, showing a certain outline in the space to envelop the viewer’s feelings, and a ray of light in the distance can only cut into the night intermittently. These silent lights in the works convey the slowly revealed and extended secrets. When you start to gazing and striving for some peace, the energy contained in the subconscious lake will be sounded.

As the artist’s words: “A grass can grow at its will, but it can never grow into the shape of this line I drew.” In sketches and photos, it is not necessary to deliberately depict the reality of that original time. In that time and space, passing through the image with objects and originating objects that have not yet been clearly defined, with the eyes looking at us became real. The worlds they provide are permeated with emotions, and time solidifies them into reefs in rivers, the artworks unfold the passages of sailing. According to Huberman (Georges, 1992), the human brain selectively sorts and reorganizes events according to their likes and dislikes. “Outside our line of sight, there is something that seems to be talking about something that has returned from afar, is closely related to us, stares at us, but at the same time we cannot leave behind. This line of sight is more like a sight constructed by time. Sight, it unfolds like thought in illusion, time re-weaves itself in space and becomes time again.”


G.Didi-Huberman, Ce que nous voyons, ce qui nous regarde, Les Éditions de Minuit, 1992.




Arched Wave: Beyond the Boundaries of Geography

Artists: Mutian Chen, Longing Hu, Xiaoliang Huang, Ying Li, Mingjun Luo, Bing Ma, Jianping Zou
Curator: Xinyu Wong

Arched wave: Throwing the hidden string in the discontinuity

Artists: Qiushi Chen, Yujian Guo, Mingjun Luo, Lijun Wang, Li Zhou, Wei Zhou
Producer: Wenjing

Flower For Algernon

Artists: Jing Wang/ Yiwen Zhao
Curator: Xinyu Wong

Perceptual Track

Artists: Haiqiang Guo、Hang Su、Sibo Wu、Wei Zhou
Curator: Yu Xie

Art Channel


ARCH REVIEW | Guo Yujian :Dangerous Complicitiy

When looking at Guo Yujian’s works, what have been depicted is always in a state of flow, and the secret words that are related to each other become images that avoid us and approach us. The work that takes shape on the canvas in our sight is yet to come, in transition, about to embrace change, and it will not push us away until the feeling is fulfil.


Since then, I have tried to let daydream-like imagination seep into the picture, and those earlier, more symbolic images have also been naturally diluted. Perhaps, it is precisely because of the temperament that seems to be infiltrated by the picture and some image contents that are contrary to reality that cause the association like a dream.

ARCH REVIEW | Making Complicity

When the painting is really close to us, the first thing that appears to our eyes is this Le cimetière marin[1] written by Valéry in 1922. The curators Hu Yihang and Zhang Tingzhi, together with artist Guo Yujian, divided the exhibition “Dangerous Complicity” in the gallery into three chapters with words and symbols: imagination, a plateau, and a theatre.

ARCH 采访 | 梁浩

「IT’S A JOKE别太当回事,儿」是ARCH GALLERY拱形画廊策划的首个群展。展览从时间和空间两个维度探寻了艺术家在各自创作过程中所使用的不同方法观念。为了让大家更进一步地了解艺术家的创作理念,ARCH CHANNEL此番专访梁浩。

ARCH 采访 | 薛若哲


ARCH REVIEW | 郭宇剑:危险同谋


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