Glittering Signals


Glittering Signals


Artists:Qi Le

Curator: WenJing

Opening: 2024.6.7

Address: 1123 Cultural and Creative Park, Tianxin District, Changsha

ARCH GALLERY is pleased to present Glittering Signals, the first solo exhibition of artist Qi Le at the gallery. The exhibition opens on the evening of 7th June 2024 and will run until 28th July.

At the height of midsummer, Arch Gallery is delighted to announce the solo exhibition Glittering Signals by artist Qi Le, running from June 7 to July 28, 2024. On a long night when there was no choice but to venture deeper into the forest instead of returning home, we become the shadows awakened by the sun. Letting fleeting thoughts occupy the body together, as countless consciousnesses surge in, let them surge in. In the boundless Milky Way, a moth dreams, and fireflies flutter.

In the dim light of dawn, the sun rises, and light spots shine through the scattered leaves onto the small river in front of the house. This summer, like the monotonous bird songs, seems both simple and lively. The home is like the waves of the small river, and the waves are the breathing of the river. Looking at the shimmering fragments of this little river, the scenery of home becomes bright and complex.

The sun is illusory, hanging in the sky, overlooking the undulating sea vertically.The sunlight, like a glittering grid, envelops the world, like a floating embrace.It is said that the small river will exert all its strength to rush into the sea, and the waves are the breathing of the sea. The home is like the waves of the sea, distant, blurred, resistant yet layered. The time spots coming towards us refract into the room, and when touched, they outline the contours of dreams. The dreamscape is fully exposed in clear and meticulous detail, covered in the hasty light that has the eyes of the dream. It catches scattered desires, speaking with its own voice, and the teeth collide again, like the white sails
rising in the sea. Turning over, suddenly realizing that it is the mottled memories sending out glittering signals.

Life is not a series of uniformly assembled paintings; life is circles of bright
light, shining towards oneself, always leading to consciousness. We are surrounded by a semi-transparent envelope, linking this ever-changing, indescribable, inexplicable inner spirit—no matter how abnormal and complex it may seem. These continuous and long lines are my hair, they are the place I return to. Stretching out, I forgot that midsummer has arrived, and I pick up a gun.


“The thrills and freshness of morning, dusk, and night. These practical works attempt to hover over a seemingly familiar reality, but never one that can be reached. This is the opposite of reality, the interior of the body, a temporal gap from a sudden distraction. Much of my childhood was spent in the mountains, and this enchanting, eerie landscape has continually reappeared in various forms—it wanders between my teeth, ankles, and eyelashes, it builds caverns in each specific temperature, and thus my creative practice unfolds.”
──Qi Le

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