2023 Affordable Art Fair Shanghai|W10

2023 Affordable Art Fair Shanghai


ARCH GALLERY is pleased to participate in 2023 Affordable Art Fair Shanghai, presenting a selection of works by artists Guo Yujian, Hannah Benassi, Shi Yiran, Xu Danqing, and Yan Qing in booth W10.  


Collection Preview

2023.6.8   14:00-21:00

VIP Preview

2023.6.9   12:00-20:00

Public Days

2023.6.10   12:00-20:00

2023.6.11   12:00-18:00


Shanghai Exhibition Center, 1000 Yan’an Middle Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai, China


Guo Yujian

Hannah Benassi

Shi Yiran

Xu Danqing

Yan Qing


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About Works

(Introducing some of the exhibited works)

Not holding hands yet, 2022, Oil on board, 50x50cm

Yujian Guo  lives and works in Changsha, Hunan Province. He graduated from the Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy in 2015.

His creations usually focus on mythology and personal memory, preferring to use thin and delicate techniques to create a romantic and lasting atmosphere.

Yujian Guo does not intentionally design and arrange the graphic content in the paintings during his creation. His understanding of painting is based on the act of painting itself. The accumulation of knowledge or theory is to make his intuition more intuitive. Simple and effective, he does not directly appropriate ready-made icons. Everything in the painting appears after he allows his intuition to lead him. In Yujian Guo ‘s view, the process of painting is more important than being designed and step-by-step to achieve a certain effect. The charm of painting art is to present “intuitive timeliness” through human hands, and it can automatically express itself through various cultural contexts. There will be different works produced. Yujian Guo ‘s study in Italy helped him to understand Western classical art more deeply in the contemporary context. The artist combined his own aesthetic preferences, knowledge accumulation and painting skills to create a style of work that has both classical temperament and contemporary visual effects. Therefore, Yujian Guo The classical temperament revealed in his works is a combination of Chinese and Western origins.


Meeting of Calico, 2018, Oil on canvas, 43x60cm

Hannah Benassi is a Scottish abstract painter who lives and works in Edinburgh.

After graduating from the Jordanstone School of Art and Design at the University of Dundee in 2019 with a first-class honors bachelor’s degree in fine art, Hannah Benassi continued her studies at the Glasgow School of Art and the University of Glasgow, earning a bachelor’s degree in 2020. Honors MA in Contemporary Art Curatorial Practice.

In 2019 Hannah Benassi received the Farquhar Reid Trust Award and was nominated for a Saatchi Arts Rising Star. Following her artistic practice in Scotland, her work has been exhibited in the UK and Portugal and will continue to be exhibited around the world.


Car Wash, 2020, Acrylic on board, 36x48cm

Yiran Shi was born in 1983. In 2017, he graduated from the Oil Painting Department of China Academy of Art with a doctorate degree. In 2019, he was a visiting scholar in the Department of Art and Architectural History at the University of Pittsburgh and a lecturer in the Oil Painting Department of the China Academy of Art.

Yiran Shi is good at depicting “super-sensual” and strange enchantments with realistic techniques. Committed to exploring the semantics of color itself, releasing the grammar of color itself with values ​​that are almost beyond the color gamut, allowing light and color to become a constantly emerging reality. At the same time, the details of the painting are dissolved into the whole, returning painting to painting in a simple way. She borrowed the technique of layering colors from printmaking to turn the brush strokes into simple intervals, thereby more clearly demonstrating the dimension of time. He also uses collage sparingly, allowing traces from industrial and printing culture and fragments from different image systems to intervene in the painting. The slight sense of production and the written brushstrokes collide with each other to create a surrealist poetry.


Green rhythm I, 2020, Acrylic on paper, 56x76cm

Danqing Xu was born in Changzhou, Jiangsu in 1987. Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of China Academy of Art in 2016 and currently lives and works in Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

Her works speak of smells, melodies, colors and other unquantifiable visual sensations. The work excludes linear time narrative and uses the extension and interweaving of color blocks to create an abstract spatial tone. There is a certain “inner voice” in her paintings, from which infinite emotions and notes emerge, each voice yearning for truth, peace and freedom.


Different, 2023, Tempera, 35x68cm

Qing  Yan was born in Hunan in 1988.In 2015, he studied in the Tempera training class of the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He graduated from the oil painting major of the Academy of Fine Arts of Hunan Normal University with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree.

She loves the naturalness and purity of Tempera paintings, and focuses on the spiritual exploration of the spirit of nature.

“Painting and creating is a way of life for me and something I want to continue.” Artist Yan Qing uses Tempera as a communication medium and the spirituality and wisdom of trees as a language. The painting context is quiet and healing.




Arched Wave: Beyond the Boundaries of Geography

Artists: Mutian Chen, Longing Hu, Xiaoliang Huang, Ying Li, Mingjun Luo, Bing Ma, Jianping Zou
Curator: Xinyu Wong

Arched wave: Throwing the hidden string in the discontinuity

Artists: Qiushi Chen, Yujian Guo, Mingjun Luo, Lijun Wang, Li Zhou, Wei Zhou
Producer: Wenjing

Flower For Algernon

Artists: Jing Wang/ Yiwen Zhao
Curator: Xinyu Wong

Perceptual Track

Artists: Haiqiang Guo、Hang Su、Sibo Wu、Wei Zhou
Curator: Yu Xie

Art Channel


ARCH REVIEW | Guo Yujian :Dangerous Complicitiy

When looking at Guo Yujian’s works, what have been depicted is always in a state of flow, and the secret words that are related to each other become images that avoid us and approach us. The work that takes shape on the canvas in our sight is yet to come, in transition, about to embrace change, and it will not push us away until the feeling is fulfil.


Since then, I have tried to let daydream-like imagination seep into the picture, and those earlier, more symbolic images have also been naturally diluted. Perhaps, it is precisely because of the temperament that seems to be infiltrated by the picture and some image contents that are contrary to reality that cause the association like a dream.

ARCH REVIEW | Gaze in the Dim Glow

“The Task of Alchemy”, Pocono Zhao Yu’s solo exhibition at Arch Gallery, presents a subtle sense of time traveling. As the title of the exhibition alludes to, it is as if the smelting and mysterious deeds of some spiritual objects. Within the whisper that fluttering outside of time, this enormous task is under the invisible dome of time.

ARCH 采访 | 薛若哲


ARCH 采访 | 郑江


ARCH REVIEW | 郭宇剑:危险同谋


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