The Storm Valley


The Storm Valley

Artist: CHEN Zifeng, GAO Yan, GE Yajing, LI Haiguang, LING Hui, SUN Yi, SUN Yinxiaowen, XIONG Jiaxiang, YE Su, WEI Tao, WU Qingrun, Zhang Jiaxing, ZHANG Yehong, ZHANG Yunfeng, POCONO ZHAO Yu
Curator: LI Boyan

2020.8.22 - 2020.9.23

The fiction of art was very romantic before the revolution, as light as a feather, when Picabiya said: “You serious people, it smells worse than cow dung. As for Dada, it smells nothing, it is Nothingness, nothingness, nothingness.

It is like your hope: nothingness. It is like your heaven: nothingness. It is like your politician: nothingness. It is like your artist: Nothingness…” When social revolutions are constantly in progress, from Dada to punk, from Fluxus to Situationist International, cultural groups and organizations of various genres are all permeated with dissatisfaction with reality. , The party’s fighting spirit swept through like a storm. Looking back at all of this now, it is like “a feather falling in the sky.”

The Exhibition “The Storm Valley —— How to prevent wind from destroying a fictional community?” Through three chapters, a fictitious non-existent loose community is created, the “wind” is metaphorized as a sudden crisis, and the difficulties that every community group is facing today are discussed. We should clearly realize that the cultural construction behind the community lies largely in fictional elements. What makes us think that the here and now are the best? It is the purpose of our discussion today.



Arched wave: Throwing the hidden string in the discontinuity

Artists: Qiushi Chen, Yujian Guo, Mingjun Luo, Lijun Wang, Li Zhou, Wei Zhou
Producer: Wenjing

Flower For Algernon

Artists: Jing Wang/ Yiwen Zhao
Curator: Xinyu Wong

Perceptual Track

Artists: Haiqiang Guo、Hang Su、Sibo Wu、Wei Zhou
Curator: Yu Xie

Please,Do Mind The Gap

June Fischer, Xie Yu, Arch Gallery, 1L, 1123 Cultural and Creative Park, Tianxin District, Changsha City.

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ARCH REVIEW | Making Complicity

When the painting is really close to us, the first thing that appears to our eyes is this Le cimetière marin[1] written by Valéry in 1922. The curators Hu Yihang and Zhang Tingzhi, together with artist Guo Yujian, divided the exhibition “Dangerous Complicity” in the gallery into three chapters with words and symbols: imagination, a plateau, and a theatre.


Since then, I have tried to let daydream-like imagination seep into the picture, and those earlier, more symbolic images have also been naturally diluted. Perhaps, it is precisely because of the temperament that seems to be infiltrated by the picture and some image contents that are contrary to reality that cause the association like a dream.

ARCH REVIEW | Gaze in the Dim Glow

“The Task of Alchemy”, Pocono Zhao Yu’s solo exhibition at Arch Gallery, presents a subtle sense of time traveling. As the title of the exhibition alludes to, it is as if the smelting and mysterious deeds of some spiritual objects. Within the whisper that fluttering outside of time, this enormous task is under the invisible dome of time.

ARCH 采访 | 周轶伦


ARCH 采访 | 郑江




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