Friends of WOOTON


Friends of WOOTON

Artists: CAI Caibei, CHI Qun, FANG Lijun, FU Bin, GUO Donglai, WANG Lijun, WU Mengshi, YAN Zidian, ZHU Peihong
Curator: QU Yin


When the traditional art media and expressions can not serve as the cultural symbols of creative thinking, a new art path which related closely to the development of ages is emerging.

In the context of the “same”, how to maintain the distance between the original, critical, experimental and creative parts of the creation and the public “Hong” becomes an extremely crucial problem and makes the “same” and “different” more valuable and meaningful to be discussed.

This summer, the first exhibition of WOOTON Gallery will open. The exhibition invited Cai Caibei, Chi Qun, Fang Lijun, Fu Bin, Guo Donglai, Wang Lijun, Wu Mengshi and Zhu Peihong to participate as artists. They use different ways to convey contradictions and confusions that related to the time’s property

I am very honor to be the curator of the first exhibition of WOOTON, and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to participate in the contemporary development of my hometown Changsha. The young founder of WOOTON not only has a unique appreciation for art but also has a transcendence sense of foresight and responsibility in the development of contemporary art in Changsha, even China. The development of modern art not only needs “soil”, but the realistic “protection mechanism”. I expect WOOTON to become a new place for Chinese contemporary art and a rock of young artists who dares to challenge.




Arched Wave: Beyond the Boundaries of Geography

Artists: Mutian Chen, Longing Hu, Xiaoliang Huang, Ying Li, Mingjun Luo, Bing Ma, Jianping Zou
Curator: Xinyu Wong

Arched wave: Throwing the hidden string in the discontinuity

Artists: Qiushi Chen, Yujian Guo, Mingjun Luo, Lijun Wang, Li Zhou, Wei Zhou
Producer: Wenjing

Flower For Algernon

Artists: Jing Wang/ Yiwen Zhao
Curator: Xinyu Wong

Perceptual Track

Artists: Haiqiang Guo、Hang Su、Sibo Wu、Wei Zhou
Curator: Yu Xie

Art Channel



Since then, I have tried to let daydream-like imagination seep into the picture, and those earlier, more symbolic images have also been naturally diluted. Perhaps, it is precisely because of the temperament that seems to be infiltrated by the picture and some image contents that are contrary to reality that cause the association like a dream.

ARCH REVIEW | Guo Yujian :Dangerous Complicitiy

When looking at Guo Yujian’s works, what have been depicted is always in a state of flow, and the secret words that are related to each other become images that avoid us and approach us. The work that takes shape on the canvas in our sight is yet to come, in transition, about to embrace change, and it will not push us away until the feeling is fulfil.

ARCH REVIEW | Making Complicity

When the painting is really close to us, the first thing that appears to our eyes is this Le cimetière marin[1] written by Valéry in 1922. The curators Hu Yihang and Zhang Tingzhi, together with artist Guo Yujian, divided the exhibition “Dangerous Complicity” in the gallery into three chapters with words and symbols: imagination, a plateau, and a theatre.

ARCH REVIEW | 在倦意来临时服药




ARCH 采访 | 薛若哲


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