GUO Yujian

GUO Yujian


The master and Margarita, Oil on canvas, 110x180cm,2022

1992,Born in Changsha,Hunan Province, China,

2015,B.A. Painting of Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, Italy.

Guo Yujian (b.1992) lives and works in Changsha, Hunan Province. He graduated from the Painting Department of Academy of Fine Art of Florence in 2015. His work is often concerned with mythology and personal memories, and he prefers to use delicate techniques to create romantic, subtle and longing atmospheres.


His understanding of painting is based on the act of painting itself, and the accumulation of knowledge or theory is meant to make his intuition more concise and effective. In Guo Yujian’s view, the process of painting is more important than being designed to achieve a certain effect, and the ‘intuitive timeliness’ of painting through the human hand is the beauty of the art, which can be produced through a variety of cultural contexts. Guo Yujian’s studies in Italy have helped him to understand Western classical art more deeply in a contemporary context, and the artist combines his own aesthetic preferences and knowledge with his painting skills to create a style that is both classical and contemporary in its visual effects, so the quality of Guo Yujian’s work is a combination of East and West from its origins.


On the question of whether the artist should occupy an absolute position in his work, Guo Yujian wishes to remain behind his work, expecting a symbiotic relationship between the work and himself, where the viewers evoke their own perceptual world in front of the work rather than directly feeling a world that belonging to the artist. The artist hopes to present a channel to the viewers’ inners through his understanding of painting and the skills that go with it.

2022 Dangerous Complicity, solo exhibition, Chang Sha, ARCH GALLERY

2022 A place where the puzzles spread out, solo exhibition, Nanjing, Powerlong Art Center;

2019 The days of the remains, doubel exhibitio, Beijing,Enjoy·art Museum;

2018 Awake or Asleep, solo exhibition, Changsha, Advance Art Museum;

2017 Via Della Colonna 25, solo exhibition, Changsha, ArtOBJ Gallery.

2022 Cherries in April in Born in 1992 Exhibition of young artists in China and Korea, Shanghai Jiushi Art Museum, Shanghai, China;

2021 Beside the Maidens 2 in The Shanghai Westbund art and design exhibition, Shanghai, Westbund Art Center;

2021 Don Quixote’s Wife in The Beijing Contemporary aet exhibition,Beijing, Agricultural Exhibition Gallery;

2021 The duchess and Swan in The rive of Narcissus exhibition, Beijing, No space Gallery;

2020 Why did you steal my apple? in The mind the gap exhibtion, Hangzhou, Seeyoo Space;

2020 Withered flower1 in The bloom of traveling exhibition in Italy create for life, Italy, Rovereto Citizen Library;

2020 Withered flower2 in The bloom of youth, Guangzhou, Guangdong academy of painting;

2019 Youe secret 1 in The space station exhbition, Gwangju,KIM DAE JUNG convention;

2019 Lunch on the grass in The encourage the surpris exhbition,Changsha,ArtOBJ Gallery;

2019 I wanna be with you in The link heaven and earth exhibition,Beijing,Space Station Gallery;

2018 Your secret 1in The visual field exhibition,Tianjin,Binhai art museum;

2018 Lost the name in The encounter exhibition,Florence,Treeland Gallery;

2017 A people in the Campaka in The spring exhibition,St.Petersburg,Blue Palace gallery;

2016 A Ditzy Teenager,works in The I Come from Italy exhibition,Beijing,Zero Gallery;

2016 A Silent Women in The second exhibition of young artists in China and Italy,Beijing,A.C. Gallery;

2015 Aoleilinuo in The equivalent exhibition,Changsha,Houhu Gallery;

2015 Nave in The Erasmus exhibition,Florence,Piazza of Santa Maria Novella;

2013 Ucello,works in The Wet painting Exhibition,florence,Frediano Farsetti Gallery;

2013 Caturmaharajakayikas in The first exhibition of young artists in China and Italy,Florence,Palace Medici;

Velvet 1, Oil on canvas, 20x20cm, 2022

Velvet 2, Oil on canvas, 20x20cm, 2022

Velvet 3, Oil on canvas, 20x20cm, 2022

About Lover, Oil on canvas, 223x50cm, 2022

Dangerous Complicity 6, Oil on canvas, 45x20cm, 2022




Please,Do Mind The Gap

June Fischer, Xie Yu, Arch Gallery, 1L, 1123 Cultural and Creative Park, Tianxin District, Changsha City.

The Task of Alchemy

Artist:Zhao Yu


Artist:Duan Yifan







Art Channel


ARCH REVIEW | Gaze in the Dim Glow

“The Task of Alchemy”, Pocono Zhao Yu’s solo exhibition at Arch Gallery, presents a subtle sense of time traveling. As the title of the exhibition alludes to, it is as if the smelting and mysterious deeds of some spiritual objects. Within the whisper that fluttering outside of time, this enormous task is under the invisible dome of time.

ARCH REVIEW | Guo Yujian :Dangerous Complicitiy

When looking at Guo Yujian’s works, what have been depicted is always in a state of flow, and the secret words that are related to each other become images that avoid us and approach us. The work that takes shape on the canvas in our sight is yet to come, in transition, about to embrace change, and it will not push us away until the feeling is fulfil.

ARCH REVIEW | Making Complicity

When the painting is really close to us, the first thing that appears to our eyes is this Le cimetière marin[1] written by Valéry in 1922. The curators Hu Yihang and Zhang Tingzhi, together with artist Guo Yujian, divided the exhibition “Dangerous Complicity” in the gallery into three chapters with words and symbols: imagination, a plateau, and a theatre.

ARCH 采访 | 郭宇剑


ARCH 采访 | 梁浩

「IT’S A JOKE别太当回事,儿」是ARCH GALLERY拱形画廊策划的首个群展。展览从时间和空间两个维度探寻了艺术家在各自创作过程中所使用的不同方法观念。为了让大家更进一步地了解艺术家的创作理念,ARCH CHANNEL此番专访梁浩。



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